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Known as TEROSON Adhesive Spray

Features and Benefits

Body Repair – Bonding: Styrene butadiene rubber (SBR), multi-purpose contact adhesive spray, pressure-sensitive.
TEROSON® VR 5000 is a styrene butadiene rubber (SBR)-based vehicle body contact adhesive spray. It is a pressure-sensitive, multi-purpose product with a high degree of initial strength. Typical applications include bonding of interior materials such as textiles, foams, rubber, insulating materials, PE films / sheets, leather, cardboard, metal, wood or polyester. Surface preparation with TEROSON® VR 10 recommended.
  • For bonding porous materials
  • Used for bonding fabric, polyester and polyester foams, PE film/laminate, leather, cardboard and coverings
  • Six-way adjustable spray head
  • Water-resistant
  • Parts (films/laminates) can be readily disassembled
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Documents and Downloads

Technical Information

Color Beige
Technology Styrene Butadiene Rubber