GLYMO-free high-performance adhesive solutions

Ensuring food safety for high-temperature flexible packaging applications

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Flexible laminates are key for many kinds of consumer goods packaging and are often used in high-performance applications that include thermal processes, such as boiling, pasteurization, or sterilization. Many common adhesives used in this segment often still rely on epoxy silane, commonly referred to as GLYMO, as an adhesion promotor. However, GLYMO was declared as potentially genotoxic by the European Commission in January 2019. Therefore, many businesses are looking for GLYMO-free adhesive alternatives for flexible packaging. As a leader in adhesive technology, Henkel has designed a modular adhesive system completely free of epoxy silanes such as GLYMO, GLYEO, and heavy metals. These epoxy silane-free alternatives represent high-quality solutions for the packaging of different types of food goods.

In the following text we will answer the most common questions about epoxy silanes. If you need any further consultancy on your specific application, please complete the contact form below.

REthink packaging design with food-safe solutions

In order to bring health & safety a big step forward, we cannot continue to do everything as we have done in the past. Because real and sustainable revolutions need change – and ensuring your food applications are free of any substances of concern is an essential part of that. That‘s why Henkel Packaging and Consumer Goods Adhesives is putting everything to the test: formulas, products, previous manufacturing methods, design processes, disposal solutions and materials.

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