Save materials by using sustainable and high-performance coating solutions

Heat seal coating with LOCTITE LIOFOL HS 1138 – enabling resource reduction and recyclability for your food packaging

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Did you know?

76% of consumers prefer environmentally compatible packaging*

Less resources and higher demands for packaging design are leading to a continuous stream of new product solutions. Both functionality and sustainability aspects need to be considered within the packaging design process.

On the other hand, consumers are increasingly buying products with an improved environmental footprint. But how do they know whether a product is ecological? By checking the information on the package about the materials used and their recyclability!

Whether layer reduction, waste reduction or reusability, our coatings make transparency easy for you. They also contribute towards achieving the packaging recycling quota set by the EU for 2030. REthink packaging with us and join us on the way to making the future for consumers and the environment a sustainable one.

* Source: Study by OHF Cologne and KPMG

Material reduction and recyclability with functional heat seal coating solution

Enabling material and weight reduction through a replacement of the PE layer

While traditional lids for fresh food trays are based on a 2-ply structure, LOCTITE LIOFOL HS 1138 replaces the polyethylene layer with a functional coating applied on BOPET lids. Packaging producers could reduce material consumption by up to 50% while saving weight with lighter packaging & lower thickness.

Supporting recyclability and improving environmental footprint

LOCTITE LIOFOL HS 1138 replaces the PE layer which is typically used for heat sealing PET/PE lidding film onto PET or PET/PE trays. This results in a compatible packaging structure that is potentially reusable, when recycled, and could be used for new PET applications. Besides saving resources, it also improves your environmental footprint.

High-performance product solution with anti-fog and high clarity properties

LOCTITE LIOFOL HS 1138 is used for peelable lidding film with easy-opening properties without film breaks. The ready to-use coating also provides outstanding immediate and long term antifog properties for very high clarity.

Compatible coating solution in compliance with EU and US food contact regulation

LOCTITE LIOFOL 1138 is suitable for lidding films of fresh food and ready meal food packs – as well for microwavable and ovenable applications. It is compatible in sealing against APET, CPET, RPET and in compliance with EU and US food contact regulation

Looking for cold seal coatings for mono-web applications? We also have the right solution for you!

Especially designed to enable mono-web packaging for chocolate or muesli bars, our cold seal coatings range for food, medical or any horizontal form, fill and seal packaging provides you the following benefits:

  • Compliance with EU and FDA food contact regulations and free of acrylamide
  • Excellent seal-ability for aggressive and high seal strength bonds
  • Good release from common release lacquers used in market place
  • Press ready and easy-to-use cold seal with low foaming and good machine-ability
  • Excellent unwinding properties and monoweb structures
REthink packaging design with innovative coating solutions

In order to improve our environmental footprint, we cannot continue to do everything as we have done in the past. Because real and sustainable revolutions need change – and saving resources through material and weight reduction can make a big difference. That‘s why Henkel Packaging and Consumer Goods Adhesives is putting everything to the test: formulas, products, previous manufacturing methods, design processes, disposal solutions and materials.

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