Watch Henkel's Web-Seminar on Smart Manufacturing

Learn how to optimize your manufacturing performance with Henkel's unique remote monitoring system for data analysis that evaluates manufacturing processes and quality control data


BONDERITE® LineguardX connects to your system, taking your equipment measurements, manual laboratory test and analytics, and all inputs from the coating process-from pretreatment, production, inspection, waste treatment, and more. Once connected it monitors your line, analyzing automatically for trend violations, out of control/off-parameter occurrences, incorrect levels, and coating abnormalities. When detected, this remote monitoring system sounds warnings and initiates alarm protocols.

During this web-seminar we will present our new system and demonstrate how the software gives you advanced chemical system monitoring, early warning of potential issues, and offers pro-active optimization. You will also learn about successful LineguardX implementations, and have an opportunity to interact with our expert team.


Mike Kripl, Technical Customer Service Manager
John Kukalis, Sales Manager
Kyle Nirganakis, Technical Manager 


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