Solving Ecommerce Packaging Design Challenges

Brands are putting focus on sustainable ecommerce packaging solutions

eCommerce is booming. In our digitally obsessed world, consumers enjoy being able to shop online any time and from anywhere. In the US alone, around 165 billion eComm packages are shipped each year. And that figure is set to rise, with global eCommerce growing 23% YOY.

But with this growth comes a wave of sustainability challenges for the packaging industry.

The logistics for eCommerce are far more complex than those for traditional brick and mortar retail; a recent white paper estimated that eCommerce has about four times as many touch-points on its journey from manufacturer to customer. eCommerce shipments need to be able to withstand the impact of this extra handling – but often that means with the use of wasteful packaging. Something which consumers are starting to notice ...

A new trend of “packaging shaming” is spreading across social media, with customers publicly criticizing brands by sharing photos of their deliveries swamped in excessive packaging; small items rattling around oversized boxes or wrapped in enough plastic to cover a small country.

The pressure on e-tailers to behave more sustainably isn’t just coming from the end consumer. Recently, Amazon asked companies to strengthen the packaging of their larger items to eliminate the need for additional packaging material, with a fine for sellers who don’t meet guidelines. As the world’s leading fulfilment service tidies up its act – with many others following – the responsibility moves up the supply chain to packaging designers, who are tasked with developing more sustainable design solutions.

So, what can be done?

We need to reimagine the packaging experience. Employ smarter thinking to enable packaging that utilizes recyclable materials and produces less waste, without compromising the protection of the products being shipped.

It can be done. And we know because we’re doing it.

Read on to discover how our innovations can help your eCommerce design challenges.

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