Technomelt Supra ECO: Bio-based Adhesive in End-Of-Line Packaging

Improve Your CO2 Footprint With Sustainable Sourcing

The climate crisis is one of the biggest challenges in history. Not only consumers are paying more attention to the sustainability of the goods they buy and the impact their consumption has on the environment – brand owners and manufacturers improve production processes and rework product designs leading to a positive impact on the environment.

Henkel, as a leader in the adhesives industry, is as well taking concrete action to improve its impact on the planet, by launching TECHNOMELT® Supra ECO.

Bio-based Packaging Adhesive Supports Carbon Neutrality

The carbon footprint of a standard polyolefin hot melt adhesive amounts to 328 tons of CO2 per year, at an average consumption of 100 tons of adhesive per year. This equals 71 passenger cars driven for a full year! 

TECHNOMELT® Supra ECO, the first carbon-negative hot melt adhesive helps to move to a negative carbon footprint for the same adhesive consumption. At least 372 tons of CO2 savings per year equals the carbon sequestered by more than 6,100 tree seedlings grown for ten years!

TECHNOMELT® Supra ECO: The First Carbon-Negative Hot Melt Adhesive

TECHNOMELT® Supra ECO, an adhesive made with a high portion bio-based material, provides a full traceability of the CO2 footprint and the sustainable sourcing of raw materials, thanks to a mass balance approach certified under ISCC PLUS.

Mass-Balance-Transfer refers to the tracking of material in-flow and out-flow of a closed production system, guaranteeing a certain amount of bio-based material entering and leaving the process. This enables manufacturers and brand owners to develop and produce packaging with the lowest environmental impact, without sacrificing Henkel's usual high performance.

Adhesives Can Support Carbon Footprint Reductions

TECHNOMELT® Supra ECO combines the well-known performance of our polyolefin Supra technology with a negative cradle-to-gate product carbon footprint (GWP 100 years, kg of CO2 equivalents). It complies with relevant food contact regulations and is compatible with recycling according to EPRC guidelines. 

Improve Your Carbon Footprint By Partnering With Henkel

If you like to know more about the application opportunities of bio-based adhesives or about the sustainability potential of your packaging, please contact us to discuss your needs with one of our experts!

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