Listen to Your Rotating Equipment

The Easy Solution for Monitoring Your Rotating Equipment

Rotating equipment is the backbone of countless industries. With LOCTITE Pulse, you can remotely monitor your critical rotating equipment 24/7 to better predict failures and reduce unplanned downtime. All through an easy and intuitive plug-and-play IIoT solution that combines AI capabilities, 6-in-1 measuring components, battery-powered flexibility, and approved for hazardous areas.

Find out more as we take you into the details – from installing to monitoring.

Unknown Equipment Failure Causes Challenges

    Within an industry this big, undetected equipment failure can have massive consequences. By the time the failure is found during the next inspection, it could already be too late. Whole processes could be interrupted, causing unplanned downtime and production losses. The repair not only requires financial resources, but also presents a major logistical challenge to the company. A shortage of skilled labor makes the repair process all the more difficult. This is the reason why it is so important to act before anything happens instead of reacting when the damage is already done.

Monitor Critical Parameters All at Once

LOCTITE Pulse redefines the landscape of component monitoring for rotating equipment. While traditional monitoring solutions may focus on individual aspects such as vibration or temperature, LOCTITE Pulse takes a comprehensive 6-in-1 approach, allowing users to monitor multiple critical data parameters simultaneously. This all-encompassing feature not only simplifies the monitoring process but also ensures that no potential issue goes unnoticed.


What makes LOCTITE Pulse truly unmatched is its ability to listen to the nuanced language of rotating equipment components. By capturing and interpreting data from vibration, acoustic emissions, magnetic flux, true RPM, temperature, and humidity, LOCTITE Pulse goes beyond mere detection – it offers a holistic understanding of your equipment’s needs.

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Why Choose LOCTITE®Pulse Smart Rotating Equipment Solutions?

Innovative technology

  • Get a reliable picture of the health status of your assets thanks to high-resolution triaxial vibration monitoring from 50 to 6,000 RPM.

Acoustic emissions assessment

  • If you can hear the problem, it’s too late. That’s why we monitor inaudible acoustic emissions from the equipment.

Monitor temperature

  • Know your equipment’s precise temperature. After all, an increase could mean something is not right.

Monitor energy consumption

  • Knowing your equipment’s magnetic flux lets you assess its energy consumption.

True RPM assessment

  • More reliable analysis, even at varying speeds, thanks to true-speed measurement.

Humidity protection

  • Protect your equipment from rust and corrosion: monitor the humidity around it.

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