Thermally Conductive "cure in place" Gap Filler as an Optimal Thermal Materials Solution for Highly Effective Cooling of Electronics

Effective thermal management is key to ensuring consistent performance and long-term reliability of many electronic devices. With the wide variety of applications requiring thermal management, the need for alternative thermal material solutions and innovative material placement methods continues to grow. In response, Bergquist and Henkel have developed and supply a variety of highly efficient, flexible and easy to handle thermally conductive interface materials to meet current and future needs for effectively cooling electronic systems ensuring long-term reliability.

One of those materials are Polymer-based dispensable Gap Fillers with unique characteristics especially designed for ultimate thermal management design and component assembly flexibility. Thermally conductive cure-in-place liquid Gap Fillers are an alternate to classical Pads that dispense efficiently, have high thermal performance as well as can be fully automated in processing.

Author: Holger Schuh