NEW - Universal bonders for limitless bonding

What are the limits of epoxies, acrylics and MMAs? They don’t hold up without long cure times. They take too long to set. You need a different product for different types of materials.

LOCTITE Universal Bonders HY 4070 and HY 4090 shatter those limits. They may be the only structural adhesives you’ll ever need. They can handle anything you’ll throw at them providing outstanding bonding performance  in all types of operating conditions, overcoming your design, assembly and repair challenges.

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  • MONDAY - 21.10., 9:00-12:00        - PO Bearings, Masaryková 22, Prešov
  • TUESDAY - 22.10., 9:00-12:00        - KBM, Žitná 13, Žilina
                                   9:00-12:00        - Tibor Koťo - Univerzál, Družstevná 2460/36, Humenné
  • WEDNESDAY - 22.10., 9:00-12:00  - BBN, Neresnická cesta 3, Zvolen
                                         9:00-12:00  - Gufero BB, Nádvorná 2947/2, Zvolen
                                       13:00-16:00  - Gufero BB, Sládkovičova 53, Banská Bystrica
  • THURSDAY - 24.10., 9:00-12:00     - DEXIS SLOVAKIA, Priemyselná 2, Prievidza
  • PIATOK - 25.10., 9:00-12:00           - Afinis Group, Žitná 1, Bratislava

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Fast, Multi-Material Repair

LOCTITE HY 4070 allows you to bond or repair materials faster, stronger and easier than with other technologies. It’s faster and stronger than typical repair epoxies, acrylics or polyurethanes.


Faster, Stronger, Safer Assembly

With HY 4090, you can assemble and bond parts faster, stronger and safer than with traditional structural adhesives technologies. It’s faster than typical structural adhesives, with better hot strength than epoxies and 2K acrylics. And it’s safer: non-flammable, odor free and ISO10993 certified for medical applications.

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