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Known as TERODEM SP 200

Features and Benefits


Body Protection – Sound-deadening foam mat. PU foam, density: 0.3 kg/m².

TEROSON® PU SP200 is a high-quality sound-deadening foam mat with PU protective skin for damping air-borne sound in the bonnet and luggage compartment. The mat is pressure-sensitive and coated on one side with a protective polyurethane skin. The product is resistant to oil, fuel, heat and water and flame-retardant. Surface preparation with TEROSON® VR 10 recommended.
  • Resistant to oil, fuel, heat and water
  • Flame retardant – meets DIN 75200, MVSS 302
  • Adhesion: pressure-sensitive/self-adhesive
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Technical Information

Color Black
Density 0.3 g/cm³
Substrates Polyurethane Foam