Features and Benefits

BONDERITE L-MR 21165 is a boron free cutting fuid with multimetal compatibility and high hard water stability.
BONDERITE® L-MR 21165 is a boron-free, water miscible cutting fluid designed for the machining of copper, brass, other non-ferrous metals, magnesium, steel, aluminum and cast iron.It is free of EP-additives based on chlorine, sulfur or phosphorus. This product exhibits high hard water stability and therefore has a long lifetime.It provides excellent cleaning performance thereby reducing maintenance costs.
  • Non Ferrous-Specialist for sensitive Materials and Magnesium
  • For Materials made out of Brass, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc, Aluminium, Titanium, Steel etc.
  • Boron, Bactericide, DCHA and EP- additive free
  • High Hardwater Compatibility 5°dH to 200°dh.
  • Long Bath-Life-time
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