Known as BONDERITE 1455 Wipes

Features and Benefits

Body Repair – Corrosion prevention by conservation of metal surface, fast and easy wipe-on application.
BONDERITE® M-NT 1455-W wipes are ready-to-use and will make your metal pre-treatment processes very fast and easy. They enhance the adhesion of paint or sealing materials and improve corrosion resistance for the subsequent paint process. The product is characterized by a fast and easy wipe-on application and is ideally used for metal surface conversion on bare metal thanks to its excellent corrosion prevention properties. It is a chromium-free and easily disposable product with a very low VOC-content. No application equipment required (no spray gun cleaning, no overspray) Please note: BONDERITE M products are used in the surface modification of metals and usually applied in a multi-stage process. The performance of these surface treatments depends on various factors such as the preceding cleaning or etching steps (BONDERITE C portfolio), line design or process parameters.
  • Ready-to-use wipes to convert and protect bare metal surfaces only, before coating or painting (steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass)
  • Excellent corrosion prevention
  • Provides better adhesion of paint and sealing materials
  • Time-saving (no wash primer or etch primer, no cleaning/rinsing afterwards)
  • Easy to apply (particularly for large surfaces such as buses)
  • Replacement of other complex and time-consuming methods
  • Low VOC < 1%
  • Chromium-free
  • Water-based
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