Known as ALODINE 871

Features and Benefits

Available sizes:

BONDERITE M-CR 871, metal pre-treatment
BONDERITE® M-CR 871 (known as ALODINE 871 TOUCH-N-PREP) Coating is a non-hexavalent chromium dry-inplace conversion coating designed for use on aluminum and its alloys. The applicator used to deliver this product provides an easy and safe method of repairing bare areas of aluminum surfaces.
  • Easy to use, cost-effective touch-up and repair applicator that is designed to save labor, material, and time
  • Provides excellent paint adhesion and painted corrosion resistance
  • Only non-rinsing, dry-in-place technology available, allowing treatment without the need for rinsing with water
  • Contains sufficient solution to treat up to 50 sq. ft. (4.6 sq. m)
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How to

Step by Step Guide

1. Remove

Remove the cap

2. Change

Remove the existing tip

3. Replace

Insert replacement tip

4. Hold

Holding the Touch-N-Prep® pen upright, press and hold the pen tip down on the surface.

5. Apply

Apply BONDERITE® pen solution to the aluminum surface.

6. Discard

Discard the replacement tip after use and cap the Touch-N-Prep®.

Frequently Asked Questions