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Known as TECHNOMELT Q 4209

Features and Benefits

Hotmelt adhesive which is chemical and high temperature resistant with a short open time. Suitable for bonding a range of materials and particularly plastics.
TECHNOMELT® AS 4209 is an opaque, high viscosity, polyolefin hotmelt adhesive providing rapid bond strength on a variety of substrates, including difficult-to-bond plastics. It has a short open time, eliminating the need for clamps or fixtures and offers high temperature resistance; applied via a hotmelt gun or a choice of melting units for semi- or fully automated production.
  • Solvent-free
  • Good adhesion to substrate (PP) without corona or similar pre-treatment
  • Good chemical resistance against acids and alcohols
  • Higher temperature resistance than EVA
  • Short open time
  • Used in filter applications
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Technical Information

Color Opaque
Density 0.89 g/cm³
Melt Viscosity 27000 - 39000 mPa.s
Melt Viscosity Temperature 180 °C
Technology Polyolefin (PO)