Metal Packaging

Sustainable Innovations for Metal Packaging

Can makers around the world rely on innovative solutions and leading expertise from Henkel. Our global team understands the challenges involved at every stage in the aluminum can and tin-plate can manufacturing processes. And we use our knowledge to provide metal packaging solutions that increase efficiency, boost health and safety, and reduce the environmental footprint for our customers.

Our portfolio includes surface technologies, sealants and coatings for beer and beverage cans, food cans, aerosol cans and other forms of metal packaging like drums or pails. We offer food-safe solutions that meet the highest standards for consumer protection, as well as innovative technologies to make lighter cans. And our experts have technical know-how and application expertise that no competitor can match.

Equipment for Metal Packaging

Companies in the metal packaging industry use Henkel equipment to stay ahead of their competitors and ensure steady, flexible production lines. Our process control systems have automatic chemical dosing and replenishment for consistency, reliability and quality. By using this equipment, Henkel customers are able to cut costs and boost efficiency by avoiding expensive shutdowns, stoppages or downtime.

Our equipment solutions can be customized to meet each customer’s unique process needs and specific applications. Smart equipment from Henkel empowers customers to embrace Industry 4.0 and tap into the potential for data to improve quality – and drive progress for safety and sustainability. For beverage can manufacturers, Henkel equipment is proven to support multiple chemical processes such as washing, pretreatment, can sealing and more. And our solutions are easy to use, simple to integrate into existing lines, and compatible with most third-party systems too.