Henkel enables e-Mobility in different areas of an hybrid or electric vehicle by providing different technologies for power storage systems as batteries, power generation and power conversion components.Our latest automotive electronic material innovations facilitate the manufacture of high-energy density, lightweight Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries and their related sub-systems, which are key to enabling the longer ranges and speed expectations of today’s plug-in hybrid electric and electric vehicles. Henkel’s bonding, connecting, protecting and thermal formulations deliver advantages at the individual cell level all the way through to the battery pack, power conversion systems and control units.

Battery Cells

At the cell level, Henkel’s functional coatings pre-treat anodes and cathodes for better conductivity, while unique PTC inks elevate cell temperature in freezing conditions for optimal performance and longer battery life.

Battery Modules and Packs

Multiple Henkel materials work in collaboration within the battery module for rugged, reliable and responsive function. Henkel innovations seal, protect, connect and cool multiple components in battery packs, providing drivers with on-demand power and on-the-road reliability.

The Role of Chemistry in Electric Vehicle Batteries

Resources for E-Mobility

Brochure: Materials for Power Storage Systems

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