Features and Benefits

LOCTITE SI 5210, Silicone, Ultra-fast Curing, Non-Corrosive RTV, Potting
LOCTITE® SI 5210 is an ultra fast curing, non-corrosive RTV silicone designed for potting, wire tacking, selective sealing, vibration dampening and repair/rework applications on PCBs. It is ideally suited for high-volume manufacturing and is particularly effective for automotive electronics applications or other harsh environments. The fast surface cure allows the material to be handled quickly after dispensing. The thixotropic nature of LOCTITE SI 5210 reduces the migration of liquid product after application to the substrate.
  • One component - requires no mixing
  • Ultra fast curing
  • Non-corrosive
  • Thixotropic
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Technical Information

Cure Schedule Temperature (Step 1) 22
Cure Schedule Temperature Unit (Step 1) °C
Cure Schedule Time (Step 1) 1
Cure Schedule Time Unit (Step 1) wk.
Cure Type Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV) Cure
Extrusion Rate 100 g/min.
Moisture Absorption (%) 0.87
Shear Strength Unit, Aluminum psi
Shear Strength, Aluminum 190
Technology Silicone
Tg -52 °C