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Most industrial centrifugal pumps carry a high capital equipment value. So when they fail, it’s a significant problem. Fortunately, many pump problems are easy to correct – and even prevent – with an effective maintenance program. You can learn more about maintaining and improving the performance of your pumps with our Pumps Resources.

Pump Failure Causes

There are many reasons for pump failure, but some of the most common are:



Loosening of pump base mounting bolts results in vibration that can cause bearing failure


Gaps and surface irregularities in threaded pump assemblies and flanges can lead to leaks that diminish pump performance.


Damage to surfaces & common parts due to abrasion, erosion or chemical attack.

Pump Maintenance is Key

With their high cost to maintain - and even higher cost for failure - a good pump maintenance plan is key to:

  • Extend useful pump life
  • Maintaining pump efficiency
  • Improving pump reliability

Typical Repairs For:

LOCTITE Solutions for Centrifugal Pumps

Make LOCTITE Your Partner in Pumps

To help you keep your pumps - and your facility - operating smoothly, LOCTITE has:

  • Industry and component knowledge
  • Technology solutions
  • Applications support


We can help you:

  • Increase pump reliability
  • Increase pump efficiency
  • Prevent common failure modes
  • Extend service intervals
  • Extend mean time between failure
  • Lower your overall maintenance costs by protecting your capital investments

Pump Resources