LOCTITE GC 18 Solder Paste

Features and Benefits

LOCTITE GC 18, Solder Paste, Halogen-free, Pb-free soldering
LOCTITE GC 18 is a halogen free, no-clean, low voiding, Pb-free solder paste specially formulated to provide low voiding when soldering Bottom Terminated Components (BTC- QFN, DPAK and LGA). This material is also designed to enhance stability in printing applications. Please refer to the TDS for options and configurations.
  • Low Voiding: < 25% voiding across small and large BTC
  • Good resistance to graping in demanding reflow profiles
  • Pin-testable post-reflow residues after four reflow cycles
  • Compatibility with approved encapsulant technologies
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Technical Information

Alloy Option - Pb Free 97SC (SAC305)
Shelf Life 180.0 day
Storage Temperature 5.0 - 25.0 °C
Thixotropic Index 0.5

Frequently Asked Questions