Henkel's metal working solutions provide the most comprehensive line of products for the metal industry and are used in many different industries such as automotive, aerospace, or building and construction. We offer cleaners, lubricants, emulsions, dispersions, and greases for drawing, forming, deforming, extruding, forging, machining, and grinding almost any material.

We understand the challenges that those working in the metal working industry face. From having to work with a diverse set of substrates to reducing wear on machines to while cutting costs, the metal working industry presents business with a demanding set of challenges. This is why Henkel has developed an innovative line of metal working solutions that help businesses find the lubricants, cleaners, greases, and more, to cover all metal working needs.  

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Metal Machining and Forming Working Solutions

With a diverse set of challenges facing metal working, Henkel offers a diverse range of product and material solutions specifically tailored to a variety of metal working applications. While the metal working industry is constantly changing, you can depend on Henkel to offer metal working solutions that cover all your material needs for forming, casting, forging, and stamping.  

Cold Forming

Henkel's portfolio offers a variety of cold forming pre-treatments and lubricants including non-reactive coatings for wire-and-tube-drawing, stainless steel extrusion, and the forming of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Henkel’s BONDERITE® conversion coatings, soap lubricants, and molybdenum disulfide lubricants address the most difficult forming applications. They minimize metal-to-metal contact and reduce tendencies for welding and galling. Our products simplify metal forming processes to achieve shorter cycle times and maximize die life. The results are reduced overall operational costs and lower maintenance stops to optimize plant productivity. 

Henkel’s line of BONDERITE® polymers for cold forming are developed using environmentally sustainable technology that can easily be applied with in-line or batch systems. BONDERITE® L-FM-FL one step polymer coating allows for significant cost savings and process simplification by less process stages, no sludge formation and avoiding resulting disposal costs, while extending tool life. BONDERITE® L-FM-FL is the solution for our customers that are aiming for future lean, sustainable, and efficient cold forming lubricants.

We offer a variety of cold forming pre-treatments and lubricants including non-reactive coatings for wire-and-tube-drawing, stainless steel extrusion and forming, and non-ferrous materials. This also includes wet wire drawing lubricants designed for different metal substrates. When it comes to drawing, deformation, or extrusion, our range has you covered.

Benefits of working with Henkel's metal forming coatings and lubricants:

  • Non-reactive lubricants eliminate phosphate sludge
  • Improved corrosion protection
  • Simplified metal forming processes with shorter cycle times and maximized die life
  • Increased productivity at reduced costs thanks to lower energy consumption and maintenance requirements
  • Improved quality of parts, including microfinish
  • Reduced operational footprint due to environmentally sustainable options, leading to a safer workplace


Henkel offers complete range of casting lubricants designed for all major foundry processes. This includes lubricants for high pressure die casting, gravity casting, and low pressure casting as well as plunger lubricants and various auxiliary lubricants such as startup-lubes and anti-welding lubes. Local and international casting manufacturers rely on Henkel's die cast emulsions, dispersions, graphite-based lubricants, insulating coatings, and high performance greases.

The broad product range covers applications from thick walled parts like engine blocks or gear boxes over large parts such as battery boxes to special products for complex thin walled parts such as structural components. It goes without saying that our products meet the highest standards. Our latest series of casting lubricants for parts made of naturally hardening alloys yield best in class release properties while still providing excellent in results in downstream processes such as cleaning and pretreatment as well in terms of paint adhesion and adhesive bonding.

With special casting lubricants developed for micro-spray applications, Henkel helps customers to be at the forefront of innovation in the foundry by running their processes as efficiently and sustainably as possible.

Besides their best-in-class release properties, our high pressure die casting lubricants and high pressure casting release agents, are easy to handle, reduce casting porosities, offer outstanding corrosion protection of the dies and excellent biostability achieved by a new, innovative technology for bio-stabilization. This performance of this technology was successfully proven under extreme conditions in our recently developed first recyclable high pressure die casting lubricant.

Henkel BONDERITE® casting lubricants allow you to increase your productivity and to improve your part quality while meeting all the latest environmental norms and improving the safety of your workforce. Our die casting portfolio includes high pressure die casting lubricants, gravity, and low pressure die lubricants, plunger lubricants, as well as auxiliary greases and maintenance lubricants. This also includes specialized high pressure aluminum die casting lubricants that are used for aluminum substrates.

You will benefit from our close interactions with both local and international manufacturers who rely on Henkel's die cast emulsions, dispersions, graphite-based lubricants, insulating coatings, and high performance greases. This includes high-quality die casting mold release lubricants for metal working applications.

Benefits of working with Henkel's die casting products:

  • Improved manufacturing productivity
  • Improved part quality, less metallization, brighter parts
  • Reduced build-up on dies
  • Extended tool life
  • Bio-stable emulsion
  • High solids formulations available to reduce transportation costs and allow high dilution ratios
  • Environmentally-friendly die casting


Henkel owns an extensive line of forging lubricants for hot, warm, and precision forging processes, which are designed to perform under extreme temperatures and pressure. Whether for close die forging, extrusion, calibration, or flow forming processes. Henkel is a leading manufacturer of forging lubricants and supports you in variety of industries where precision and durability are paramount. Whether you are looking for steel, nickel, copper, or aluminum forging, Henkel’s BONDERITE® brand has you covered.

Manufactured for use with all relevant materials, including steel, stainless steel, bronze, and brass as well as for aluminum forging, our catalogue supplies everything you need to maximize die life and part quality, while reducing cycle time and rejection rates. Additionally, Henkel offers synthetic products specifically formulated to replace graphite-based forging lubricants, while providing excellent lubrication and tool protection on even the toughest forge.

Henkel offers a high-quality line of protective coatings for billet and die lubrication for precision forging of super alloys to enhance performance, minimize oxidation and downtime. Furthermore, we provide a large range of special lubricants for precising forging and special operations like superplastic forming. 

Forging processes take place under extreme temperature and forming conditions. For this reason, we carry a line of hot forging lubricants and hot forging die lubricants that meet high industry standards. By combining strong equipment with properly selected products, our partners and customers can see a tremendous drop in operating cost. We offer a variety of state-of-the-art formulas to help improve your processes including highly dispersed graphite, oil-emulsion, and hybrid and synthetic lubricants.

Benefits of working with Henkel's forging range:

  • Superior lubrication and release
  • Increased productivity with minimum downtime and reduced costs
  • Shorter cycle times and maximized die life
  • Environmentally sustainable options
  • Improved quality

We have a long tradition of innovative research and development in forging. Whether your manufacturing site deals with warm or hot forging, ferrous or non-ferrous materials, or is in need of billet coatings, cleaning, cold forming, or machining and grinding solutions, we can help.

Forging Product Selector

Machining and Grinding

Whether for metal cutting, milling, drilling, grinding, turning, threading, reaming, or broaching – our comprehensive portfolio paired with your application will help your factory move in the right direction.

From forming, stamping, and casting, to parts cleaning, adhesion and sealing, Henkel is your partner. When it comes to metal machining specifically, we offer:

  • Biocide free lubricants
  • Boron free products
  • High performance lubricants
  • Water-soluble coolants
  • Neat oil cutting lubricants
  • Non-chlorinated lubricants

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Metal Parts Cleaning

Henkel's metal parts cleaning products have been developed and improved over decades of close interaction with our researchers, suppliers, and customers. You can rely on our technology range and knowledge because it's been tried, tested, and proven to be a success. We offer material solutions for spray, ultrasonic, and immersion cleaning, light to moderate oil and dirt removal, surface preparation, as well as intermediate and final cleaning. Our product solutions also cover cleaning parts prior to assembly, including in-process corrosion protection, and chip removal or high-pressure deburring.

Discover the benefits of working with Henkel's metal parts cleaning and corrosion solutions:

  • Cleaning and (in process) corrosion protection in one step
  • Spot-free parts: Reliable cleaning results
  • Long bath lifetime
  • Bio-stable at low temperature
  • High cleaning efficiency at low temperature in hard water
  • No foaming at high spray pressure
  • Suitable for wide temperature ranges
  • Part cleaning to its highest standards

Effective cleaners are connected to a variety of pre-and-post cleaning operations such as stamping, casting, forging, machining, metal sealants, and adhesives. These can all be connected to a properly selected and used parts cleaner for a more efficient process. Henkel is your partner in preparing all necessary parts with:

  • Neutral cleaners with corrosion protection
  • Low Temperature cleaners
  • High-pressure sprayable formulations
  • Ultrasonic cleaners
  • Emulsifying cleaners
  • Demulsifying cleaners
  • Bio-stable low temperature cleaners
  • Salt-free cleaners


Henkel's experts are here to help you optimize your drawing, forming, hydroforming, high speed, and sheet metal stamping processes with water-soluble and neat oil lubricants. To meet a diverse set of demands, Henkel has developed a range of stamping oils. Stamping oils are needed to remove surface materials before the stamping process of different metal substrates. Among these are high performing ship out and vanishing oils as well as coil-applied lubricants.

Benefits of working with Henkel's metal stamping oil products:

  • Improved production efficiency thanks to hard water stability, low maintenance and low total operating cost
  • Improved metal stamping products thanks to high lubricity and corrosion protection
  • Improved results regarding sustainability with lower product consumption, lower water consumption and less waste generation
  • Improved health and safety for workers thanks to low VOC products and a cleaner working environment
  • Increased production quality thanks to high lubricity products

Henkel's research and development team ensures that industrial production performed by OEMs, automobile and industrial suppliers is improved with our range of fluids. Our BONDERITE® portfolio of stamping oils includes solutions for light and heavy applications. We help direct the pressure for premium metal stamping results with:

  • Clean running lubricants
  • Water-soluble lubricants
  • Neat oil lubricants
  • Extreme pressure lubricants
  • Low VOC lubricants
  • OEM-approved lubricants
  • Vanishing lubricants

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