Free webinar (in Dutch!):  Betrouwbaar borgen met LOCTITE (Reliably locking with LOCTITE)

Webinars 2019 - Share our experience and become an expert

This year we have built our webinar program once more according to a fixed structure. There are two series of webinars: one in the spring (MRO) and one in the autumn (OEM). The first webinar from each series always deals with a general topic and is followed later by specific webinars that go into more detail about this subject. Please check out the complete 2019 webinar calendar here.


July 2nd: Betrouwbaar borgen met LOCTITE (Reliably locking with LOCTITE)

Save costs by avoiding loosening and leaking by reliably locking bolts and bonding cylindrical connections with LOCTITE anaerobic adhesives.
How can you prevent nuts and bolts from loosening even in conditions where they are exposed to vibrations and shocks? How do you avoid loosening bearings, rings and bushings in carters or on axles?
This can not only lead to dangerous situations, but often also entails high costs: downtime, repair and cleaning work, loss of liquids or gases, etc.

During this interactive webinar you will discover how LOCTITE offers a better and more reliable locking than the traditional methods. Finally, we also show you how to use the LOCTITE products in the correct way. At the end of this presentation, the presenter is happy to make time to answer your questions.

MRO online training specifically about reliable locking: this webinar is a second follow-up to the general webinar that took place on 23 April 2019. The first follow-up webinar took place on 14 May and was about reliable sealing.

If you wish to follow this webinar and have missed the previous ones, please contact us.

Date: Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019, 9 am - 10.30 am