Free webinar (in Dutch): Betrouwbaar afdichting van schroefdraad en flenzen met LOCTITE (Reliably sealing of screw-threads and flanges with LOCTITE)

Webinars 2019 - Share our experience and become an expert

This year we have built our webinar program once more according to a fixed structure. There are two series of webinars: one in the spring (MRO) and one in the autumn (OEM). The first webinar from each series always deals with a general topic and is followed later by specific webinars that go into more detail about this subject. Please check out the complete 2019 webinar calendar here.


May 14th: Reliably sealing of  screw-threads and flanges with LOCTITE

Can you imagine what happens when a flange connection starts to leak in your installation? Reliability and safety are 2 important aspects that can save you a lot of time and money.
When a surface seal fails, it not only means a safety risk for your staff, but the contamination of the soil and the environment can cause a lot of problems to care. Leaking screwed fittings can also cause high costs. This interactive webinar shows you which LOCTITE sealing products you choose best in function of the application and how they are applied and used correctly for optimum reliability. After the presentation, the presenter takes the time to answer your questions.

MRO online training specifically about reliable sealing: This webinar is the first follow-up to the general webinar that took place on April 23rd. The second specific webinar, which will take place on 21 May, is about reliable locking with LOCTITE.

Date: Tuesday, May 14, 2019, 9 am - 10.30 am