Free webinar: Increase the reliability of your Industrial Asset with LOCTITE

Webinars 2019 - Share our experience and become an expert

This year we have built our webinar program once more according to a fixed structure. There are two series of webinars: one in the spring (MRO) and one in the autumn (OEM). The first webinar from each series always deals with a general topic and is followed later by specific webinars that go into more detail about this subject. Please check out the complete 2019 webinar calendar here.


April 23: Increase the reliability of your Industrial Asset with LOCTITE

Regular and efficient maintenance of your machine park ensures timely detection of faults because recurring problems can be avoided. In case problems do arise, LOCTITE will provide a definitive solution with a sustainable result. In this presentation we focus on reliability engineers, maintenance managers, mechanical design engineers, Quality Managers and virtually everyone active in the maintenance of the production line (s).

MRO General basic webinar: This webinar is a general introduction to securing, sealing and cylindrical mounting when maintaining machines with LOCTITE products. It forms the basis that is further elaborated in the two following specific webinars on May 14th (Sealing) and May 21st (Locking).

Date: Tuesday, April 23, 2019, 09:00 AM to 10:00 AM CET