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Aluminum Coils

By working closely with industry leaders, Henkel is able to develop a range of products that is cutting edge and meet production, efficiency, and sustainability requirements. These considerations are at the center of our portfolio for working with aluminum.

From packaging to architectural to automotive applications, talk to our experts about your challenges to see how Henkel can help enhance the value in your aluminum products.

The benefits of working with Henkel's products for aluminum coil applications include:

  • Surface treatment expertise for multi-metal applications
  • Improved corrosion protection, adhesion, and surface quality
  • Eco-friendly products and processes
  • Non-chrome and heavy-metal free solutions
  • Backed by expert technical service and intimate process knowledge

Steel Coils

At Henkel, we offer surface treatment solutions from the rolling mill to the coil finishing line and everywhere in between. At each point in the process, we are committed to delivering performance, value, and eco-friendly solutions.

Our latest developments are focused on developing non-chrome, heavy-metal free products to meet future legislative requirements today. Additionally, we have a mind for developing products with process advantages such as multi-substrate capability, and functional coatings which provide unique properties for down-stream processes.

The benefits of working with Henkel solutions for steel coil include:

  • Wide range of products for many steel mill and coil coating applications
  • RoHS and REACH compliant chemistries
  • Environmentally-friendly processes
  • Improved surface quality and enhanced corrosion protection
  • Backed by expert technical service and intimate process knowledge

Henkel Products For Steel Mill and Coil Coating Processes

Decades of close interaction with manufacturers from all over the world has earned Henkel its reputation as an industry leader for surface treatments. We know the demands and desires as well as legal requirements of heavy industry companies by intimately working with them.

Our tried-and-trusted steel coil portfolio includes:

  • Hot and cold rolling oils
  • Steel strip cleaners
  • Wet temper fluids
  • RoHS and REACH compliant Passivates and Thin organic coatings
  • Coil cleaners
  • Metal pretreatments
  • Weldable primers
  • Stainless Steel Pickling solutions

Automotive Surface Treatments

Henkel offers a full range of surface treatment processes, products and equipment. From the interior to the exterior, from the chassis to the body in white, Henkel solutions are highly reliable, eco-conscious and in compliance with worker safety regulations. They support waterborne processes at reduced emissions of volatile organic carbons (VOCs).

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Resources for Aluminum and Steel Coils

Brochure: Non-Chrome Treatment for Metal Coils

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