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For industry-leading standard and reworkable underfills, there is no better option than Henkel. Our innovative capillary flow underfillsl for CSP, BGA, WLCSP, LGA and other similar devices lower stress, improve reliability and offer outstanding processability.

Henkel’s LOCTITE ECCOBOND and LOCTITE underfills offer the highest levels of reliability with the options of both reworkable and non-reworkable formulations. Materials are available that deliver ultimate processability with fast flow speeds and the capability to effectively fill bottom-side component spaces with extremely low bump heights. Formulations are designed to reduce stress caused by mismatched expansion coefficients, and have outstanding reliability in thermal cycling, thermal shock, drop testing and other demanding tests, as well as in use.

To enhance the reliability of many handheld devices, Henkel’s LOCTITE portfolio of underfills offers formulations that quickly fill the space between the package and board, cure fast, offer outstanding protection for solder joints against mechanical strains such as shock, drop and vibration, and allow for reworkability. For applications where full underfill is not required, LOCTITE cornerbond and edgebond technologies provide a cost-effective solution, with strong perimeter reinforcement and self-centering capability.

Resources for Underfills

Brochure: Board Level Underfill and Encapsulant


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