The promise of 3D printing was always about finding the best way to assemble. But conventional resins never fulfilled that promise. Limitations in available 3D printing materials has made many of them impractical for the demands of assembly, which has limited design. You could prototype easily enough, but manufacturing...that was another story. Until now.

The Promise Realized

LOCTITE’s new 3D portfolio of resins, post-processing bonders and equipment, and printers addresses those shortcomings. It expands the available materials for 3D printing – and the properties they possess. It allows you to create truly functional parts, across a wider range of applications. It opens up truly limitless design possibilities.

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Differentiated Resins for True Functional Parts

LOCTITE 3D Flexible 3840
Offers enhanced flexibility for snap fit parts. 

Designed specifically for durability and impact resistance.

Exhibits high heat deflection temperature (HDT) and good print resolution.

Offers excellent print resolution and high optical clarity.

LOCTITE 3D Silicone 5010/5015
A low viscosity, high performance silicone that cures into a tough silicone elastomer. Can be used in stereo-lithography or layer-by-layer additive manufacturing.

PR10.1 Resin 3D Printer Accurate, Flexible and Fast

Our large format DLP 3D industrial printer offers exceptional accuracy and can be used with any of our new additive manufacturing resins, as well as a wide variety of other 3DP resins. The large build platform allows manufacturing of an entire range of components, super fast build speeds and production of multiple components at the same time without influencing build speed.

Loctite 3D Resins Cure Printer

CL36 LED Curing Chamber Uniform Curing for a Professional Result

Optimize the post-processing of your 3D printed resins with this all-new, state-of-the-art UV curing station. Specifically designed and engineered for parts printed with LOCTITE resin, it’s equipped with low heat emission LED that provide a life span of up to 20,000 hrs. It’s easy to use and adjust with a single touchscreen. And an automatic rotary table ensures uniform curing.


Bonding Solutions Kit
The Perfect Finish on Your 3D Parts

Bonding 3D printed parts offers a number of advantages, from greater design flexibility and use of dissimilar materials to reduced print time, ease of repairs and enhanced performance. And LOCTITE’s new 3D Printing Bonding Kit includes everything you need to realize those advantages. It’s perfect for bonding parts prototyped with the most known 3D Printing technologies, including SLA/DLP, CLIP, SLS, MJF, and FFF. The kit includes:

  • 2 different 3DP adhesives:
    • LOCTITE 3DP Instant Bonder
    • LOCTITE 3DP Universal Bonder
  • Cleaning, priming and activating materials for professional preparation of the bond
  • Bonding training , via tutorials and webinars

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