Watch Henkel's Technical Tutorial on Thin Bond Line Thickness (BLT) Thermal Interface Material

Discover the features and benefits of Phase Change Material (PCM) for high power, high reliability data & telecom applications

More, please.  That’s what consumers want and datacenters and 5G telecom systems are working to deliver.  More data, more speed, more access, more connected everything.  In next-gen datacenters, 400 GbE is being more broadly deployed with 600 GbE and 800 GbE not far behind.  The growing number of 5G mobile broadband-enabling base stations and remote radio units are integrating larger CPUs to enable faster signal processing.   Together, these necessary advances are placing tremendous thermal strain on functional electronic systems.  

Heat management plays a critical role in facilitating 24/7/365 operation, while meeting performance objectives, system footprint demands and long-term reliability expectations.  This informative webcast will delve into the electronic systems design trends of today’s datacenter and 5G telecom infrastructure devices, and present information about the effectiveness of new, thin phase change thermal management materials.  The excellent thermal control and thin bond lines of phase change TIMs are helping deliver all of the ‘more’ – with less. 

Webinar Highlights include

  • Thermal Interface Materials (TIM): function, key properties and selection criteria
  • Attributes and benefits of Thin Bond Line Thickness (BLT) phase change materials in data & telecom applications
  • Flexible processing protocols for thermal materials, enabling automation

Our Speaker

Blake M. Wageman
(Henkel Corporation)

Applications Engineer  
Expert in thermal management solutions for the Telecom and Cloud Hyperscale data Center

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