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BONDERITE L-MR 21466 a boron and mineral oil free, 2K, universal cutting fuid with multimetal compatibility
BONDERITE® L-MR 21466 is one component of our water miscible,two component , universal cutting fluid. Suitable for different machining processes of Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron and Aluminum. It is boron- and mineral oil-free as well as free of EP-additives, chlorine- sulfur- or phosphor-components. When the second component isd used in the cleaner bath and it´s polluted then this dirty cleaner bath can be recylced and reutilized for topping up of the metal working fluid.
  • One component of the DuaLCys System (together with C-NE 10466)
  • Multimetal compatibility
  • Boron, Bactericide, Mineral oil, DCHA and EP additive free
  • Highly sustainable System by reducing Consumption up to 70%
  • Dirty Cleaner Bath is Recycable into DuaLCys Emulsion
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