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BONDERITE L-CA CP 794 A ACHESON is a high efficiency high pressure die casting release agent with high shear stability protection characteristics designed for heavy, long and thick walled castings.
BONDERITE® L-CA CP 794A is a state-of-the-art release agent supplied in concentrated form for high pressure die-casting.It has been formulated to give improved stability under the shearing conditions encountered in modern dilution and central-supply equipment.This product is capable of delivering efficient casting consistently and thereby reduces scrap rate and costs.It is a high efficiency lubricant suitable for use at high dilution ratios.This product can be used for any type of casting of aluminum and magnesium,particularly heavy, long and thick walled castings and is designed for manual or automated spray application.
  • Superb release properties and excellent wetting characteristics at high temperatures, resulting in a very high efficiency
  • Suitable for Aluminum and Magnesium
  • Hard water stable
  • Allows for unhindered use of subsequent painting and plating operations
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