Addressing the requirements for both laminate and leadframe wirebond packages, Henkel has developed a comprehensive portfolio of advanced non-conductive die attach materials for various wirebond requirements – from smaller die-to-pad ratios to thinner bond lines to low stress to high temperature capability and robust adhesion. With high-reliability at the forefront, LOCTITE ABLESTIK non-conductive die attach materials are capable of producing devices that meet stringent JEDEC MSL1 standards.

Laminate Packaging Materials

A broad selection of non-conductive LOCTITE ABLESTIK die attach paste formulations provide the reliability and performance today’s high-density laminate packages demand. Each package type – from BGAs to LGAs to Smart Cards – has different requirements, which is why Henkel has developed a suite of products that cater to the unique needs of laminate-based devices. Henkel die attach pastes offer a low modulus for stress reduction and warpage elimination, as well as Bismaleimide (BMI) formulations for low moisture absorption to avoid package cracking during high temperature processing.

Leadframe Packaging Materials

Process flexibility and superior performance underscore Henkel’s complete portfolio of die attach pastes for leadframe devices. Incorporated into applications such as automotive electronics, where temperature control and unfailing function are critical, LOCTITE ABLESTIK die attach pastes deliver excellent electrical insulation and high reliability. Robust adhesion to various metal surfaces including palladium, copper, silver, gold and PPF along with proven low-bleed formulas make Henkel’s die attach materials the products of choice for leadframe packaging specialists

Printable Board On Chip Die Attach Materials

As board-on-chip (BOC) – also known as substrate-on-chip – packaging emerges as the dominant chip-scale packaging configuration for DRAM devices, die attach materials must deliver with precise control of bondline thickness and die tilt, minimal fillet formation and no contamination of wire bond pads. Henkel’s B-stage printable adhesives offer a more cost-effective solution than conventional adhesive films, providing the robust performance of film at a paste price point. The portfolio of LOCTITE ABLESTIK materials for BOC applications offers high UPH, printable formulations with low flow, controlled bondlines, minimized tolerance and bleed, as well as long storage and work lives.

Non-Conductive Wafer Backside Coatings

Wafer Backside Coating is a unique process that facilitates automated application of die attach adhesive at the wafer-level followed by B-staging to form a die attach film. Applied by spray coating, Henkel’s Wafer Backside Coatings enable process speed, thickness control and material uniformity. Following thermal or UV B-staging and wafer dicing, die attach is achieved via heat and pressure to produce a consistent bond line and small, controlled fillets. Wafer Backside Coating adhesives are ideal for die attach applications where fillet control is critical.

Henkel’s novel Wafer Backside Coating materials allow for screen or stencil printing of the paste across the entire wafer in a single stroke, increasing throughput by eliminating the need to individually dispense dots of adhesive. After B-staging to create a film, Wafer Backside Coating provides consistent bond lines and small, controlled fillets, which are particularly effective for attaching small die in miniaturized packages and challenging structures like chip-on-lead, where the die pad is smaller than the die.

Resources for Non-Conductive Die Attach Pastes

Brochure: Wirebond Packaging

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