TEROSON BOND SPONGE Ultra-abrasive sponge for Windscreen Pre-treatment

Known as TEROSON ET Cleaning Sponge

Features and Benefits

TEROSON® BOND Sponge is an ultra-abrasive pad for reliable removal of contamination on windscreens prior to bonding. Part of the TEROSON BOND Windscreen Adhesive Application System.
TEROSON® BOND Sponge is used for cleaning, glass pre-treatment and removal of silicone and other residues. It is suitable for pre-treating coated and plastic surfaces prior to bonding. Its solvent resistance allows use with common surface contamination removers. Supplied in packs of 10, it can be cut to suit various applications. We recommend use with water-based TEROSON BOND Glass Cleaner for best results.
  • Ultra-abrasive melamine sponge
  • Perfect match with TEROSON BOND Glass Cleaner for efficient pre-treatment and cleaning
  • Easily cut to fit various applications
  • Available in pack of 10 pieces
  • Solvent-resistant for use with common contaminant removers
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