Wind energy is the process of generating mechanical power through wind turbines. It is a sustainable and renewable energy source that has a much smaller impact on the environment compared to fossil fuels and other non-renewable power sources.

Wind power is competitive with these more traditional fuel sources and commands a high level of investment in the renewable energy sector. Although the cost of producing wind turbines has fallen by a third since 2009, there are still significant challenges faced by energy producers in terms of wind turbine materials and other infrastructure.

Why choose Henkel in the Wind Industry?

Henkel is working hard to aid the expansion and development of wind energy materials for more efficient harvesting of wind power. We have identified several key areas where our expertise can be of greatest use to our clients, including cost-effectiveness and production cost reduction, leading to higher productivity.

Additionally, all our wind energy materials offer high quality and safe product design to meet rigorous safety standards. Our aim is to help consolidate materials and ensure they can be adapted to any environmental conditions.

We understand the challenges that face manufacturers in the wind energy sector. Reducing costs, while maintaining efficiency in operations and meeting safety standards through the creation of high value products are key to wind turbine manufacturers.  Our solutions are geared towards achieve this goal.

We aim to offer manufacturing and maintenance solutions for wind turbine materials, including high-quality, tailor-made adhesives, sealants, and surface treatments. In turn, these will enable highly automated and efficient production processes leading to both an increase in production speed and a decrease of manufacturing costs. With everything from wind turbine mounting solutions to cleaning, maintenance and repair, Henkel is helping to shape the future of wind turbine technology, for a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

Our aim is to make a positive contribution to climate change. Based on our achievements so far, we have reaffirmed our commitment to become climate-positive by 2040. Providing low impact solutions for sustainable industries such as wind energy is just one step on our journey towards achieving our environmental goals.

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Wind Energy Product Solutions

Henkel products have a multitude of uses for wind turbine tower materials and turbine blade cleaning. Typical uses for our products include waterproofing blades, use in nacelles and other tower infrastructure, as well as providing maintenance solutions. Products include our range of structural polyurethane adhesives, which are crack-resistant and offer fast curing at lower temperatures and low exothermic effects, while providing long-lasting bonds to both composites and pre-treated metals. Our other polyurethane, silicone, and modified silane sealants also offer a range of benefits, including flexibility, cure speed, and temperature resistance. Products can typically be used in applications that require blade bonding and component bonding, as well as repair.


The nacelle is the streamlined central body of the turbine. During nacelle assembly and repair, Henkel products can serve a wide range of purposes. For example, our semi-permanent mold release agents provide easy mold release, while our LOCTITE® 2C polyurethane and LOCTITE® 2C epoxy adhesives offer effective and safe structural bonding of panels/stringers.

Exterior and interior sealing can be easily color matched, and TEROSON® MS polymer adhesives and LOCTITE® high performance sealants are weather resistant. There are similar applications for bonding hatch and brush seals, with LOCTITE® solvent-based products forming an integral part of effective wind turbine cleaning solutions. 

Electrical Components

Applications for electrical components include magnet bonding, using LOCTITE® 2C epoxy and 2C methyl methacrylate adhesives, as well as threadlocking and sealing using our LOCTITE® anaerobic adhesives. Effective sealing of components can be achieved using TEROSON® MS polymer sealants. Other products have uses in cleaning of electrical parts and the protection of wind turbine electrical components during operation. Our thermal products can also manage the heat dissipation of the electronic components in the nacelle.

Blade Assembly

During blade assembly and repair, LOCTITE® provides product solutions that can be used to achieve mold release as well as used for blade bonding. Void filling products include LOCTITE® 2C polyurethane adhesive, and component bonding (e.g. vortex, rain deflector, gurney flaps, etc.) is achieved using our LOCTITE® and Teroson® products. There are also applications for bolt, stud, and metal insert fixing, sealing, and turbine blade cleaning.

Hub, Bearing & Gearbox Assembly

The requirements for hub, bearing, and gearbox assembly are extensive during the wind turbine mounting process. Our range of LOCTITE® anaerobic adhesives can be used in processes as varied as retaining pitch and yaw bearings, threadlocking fasteners, thread sealing hydraulic fittings, and lubricating powertrain spines. They are similarly suited to mounting bolts and exposed fasteners, as well as bearing to hub assembly.

Tower Assembly

Tower assembly is a complex process requiring a high level of both exterior and interior sealing, threadlocking, and component bonding. Our color matched, weather resistant TEROSON® MS polymer adhesives and LOCTITE® high-performance sealants, as well as LOCTITE® anaerobic and epoxy adhesives, can help you to get the job done.

LOCTITE® solvent-based and aqueous cleaners and BONDERITE® conversion coating corrosion protection offer effective wind turbine coatings. Metal pre-treatment using BONDERITE® conversion coating and ladder bonding TEROSON® MS polymer elastic bonding adhesives are also recommended. 

Installation & Maintenance

Henkel’s applications for blade repair, sealing, and cleaning include LOCTITE® 2C polyurethane adhesives and color matched, weather resistant TEROSON® MS polymer adhesives. BONDERITE® and LOCTITE® solvent-based and aqueous cleaners help to provide effective wind turbine cleaning.

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