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Features and Benefits

LOCTITE DSP 5192, Medium viscosity, Optically clear, Single component UV light curable adhesive, Silicone, Bonding Touch Panel Displays
LOCTITE® DSP 5192 is a medium viscosity, optically clear, single component UV light curable adhesive. It is designed for bonding a glass cover lens to a touch panel sensor and touch panel assembly to an LCD module in mobile devices, tablets and displays. It is made to cure with 365nm ultraviolet light in seconds to form an extremely soft, impact resistant layer to protect the display if dropped. LOCTITE DSP 5192 allows manufacturers to design thinner and lighter displays by filling gaps of various thicknesses.
  • Improved viewing experience
  • Increased display ruggedness
  • Extends battery life
  • Extends product life
  • Enables thinner designs
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Documents and Downloads

Technical Information

% Haze 0.04
% Transmittance 99
Chemical Basis / Base Alkoxy Silicone
Color Yellow: Light Yellow
Cure Type UV Cure
Dielectric Constant (1 MHz) 3.1
Full Cure Energy (mJ/cm2 @ 100 mW/cm2 UVA - MPMA UV Source) 5000
Number of Components 1 Part
Refractive Index 1.41
Shore Hardness Durometer 65
Shore Hardness Scale OO
Storage Temperature 8 - 21 °C
Tensile Shear Strength 0.3 N/mm²
Viscosity 3500 - 5500 mPa.s
Viscosity Part A (Resin) 47500 mPa.s
Viscosity Part B (Hardener) 17500 mPa.s
Yellowness (b*) 0.19