At Henkel, we're familiar with the challenges can makers face at every stage of manufacturing. Whether you make aluminum cans or tin-plate cans, we can help increase your process efficiency while improving health and safety and reducing your impact on the environment. This includes using food-safe internal can coatings and food-grade sealants. And, with the acquisition of Darex Packaging, our comprehensive portfolio has grown even further.

For aluminum cans, we can help solve challenges related to lightweight cans with solutions ranging from highperforming body maker coolants to conversion coatings and mobility enhancers.

For steel cans, we provide solutions tailored to two-piece steel can production, from synergistic cupper lube and bio-stable body maker coolants to rinse aid mobility enhancers.

Brochure: Metal Packaging Solutions Brochure

Coatings for Cans and Closures

Henkel offers a range of coating materials for both the internal and external surfaces of can products and closures. These coatings are designed to prevent metal corrosion, protect package contents from the influence of metal, ensure proper adhesion of sealing compounds, and allow graphics printing on the exterior of can products.

Brochure: Coatings and Compounds Diameter Metal Closures

Oxygen Scavenging Technology

Oxygen ingress into the packaging causes reduction of shelf life and may result in product spoilage, as flavor deterioration, color change, haze formation and nutriment depletion. DAREX Packaging Technologies' proprietary Oxygen Scavenging Technology (OST) provides a solution to problems of oxygen trapped during the filling process and oxygen ingress over time.

Brochure: Oxygen Scavenger Compounds for Closures

Sealants for Rigid Packaging

Henkel continues to offer the world's most technologically advanced sealants for consumer and industrial products, both solvent-based and water-based. These include the latest eco-friendly products as well as materials designed to address today's challenges of thinner gauge metals, smaller seam dimensions, and rigorous, high-speed production methods.

Brochure: DAREX Water Base and Solvent Base Can Sealants

Brochure: DAREX Cover, Drum and Pail Compounds

Brochure: DAREX Can Sealants

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