Smart Home Devices

Comprehensive material solutions for smart home devices

Homeowners now want more than conventional creature comforts; they want their homes to be smart and connected. Thermostats that learn and respond, smart light bulbs, wireless security systems and virtual assistants are all making home life increasingly energy-efficient, secure and comfortable. Smart homes are a significant step toward making living in residential spaces more comfortable, convenient, secure, entertaining and sustainable. Henkel's materials are making systems functional, reliable and cost-competitive, with a comprehensive portfolio of connecting, protecting and cooling materials. 

Made technologically viable through the use of sensors, wireless connectivity and processing power,  bonding, connecting, protecting and thermal control materials are key enablers for smart home solutions and Henkel delivers a complete portfolio of advanced materials for smart home device manufacture. Our broad materials range is underpinned by a global support network, state-of-the-art R&D facilities and a responsive and agile team that helps get products to market fast for a critical competitive edge. 

Home Security

Indoor and outdoor security cameras provide homeowners with peace-of-mind, delivering capabilities like facial recognition, night vision, ultra HD 4K resolution, voice control and motion sensors. Henkel encapsulants and coatings, structural bonding materials and thermal management solutions deliver a holistic material approach to secure bonding, device protection and system reliability. 

Smart Speaker

Internet-connected speakers controlled by voice commands are made more sleek, audible and reliable with LOCTITE® brand adhesives for bonding dissimilar substrates, eliminating the need for mechanical approaches like tapes and screws, and protecting devices from external contaminants. LOCTITE adhesives provide design advantages, improve overall product performance, accelerate assembly time and increase production efficiency and quality.

Media Streaming Devices

On-demand media streaming provides users with simple connection to a wide range of apps and entertainment content. The electronics that allow media streaming are becoming smaller, yet more powerful, making high performance materials like Henkel’s protective underfills, interconnect formulations and thermal interface materials key enablers of streamlined form and expanded function. 

Wi-Fi Routers

A Wi-Fi router is the heart of a smart home, enabling wireless connectivity of various devices and systems. With multiple operating frequencies and high power densities, the need for crosstalk minimization and thermal protection is critical for maximized functionality. Router manufacturers rely on Henkel’s gap filling materials and dual thermal management –EMI absorption solutions for optimal Wi-Fi router performance.

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