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Butyl rubber sealing tape with foam inner core. Offers high-strength and high tackiness, and weighs less than pure butyl tapes.
TEROSON® RB 110 M is a black, butyl rubber sealing tape with a plasto-elastic inner core made of polyethylene foam. The inherent tackiness of the outer sleeve provides a firm lamination between the contact surfaces and, therefore, a reliable seal. The inner core prevents complete compression of the profile. TEROSON RB 110 M offers high strength characteristics.
  • Strong inherent tackiness
  • Foam inner core prevents complete compression
  • Assumes initial form after pressure relief
  • High strength
  • Less weight compared with pure butyl tapes

Technische Informationen

Farbe Schwarz
Haupteigenschaften Festigkeit: Hohe Festigkeit
Technologie Kautschuk