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Merkmale und Vorteile

Rubber-based black sealant/adhesive for use in vehicle body shops. Resistant to sag and wash-off. Can be painted.
TEROSON® RB 1250 is a black, high-viscosity, rubber-based sealant/adhesive. Solvent-free, the product is resistant to sag and wash-off. Adheres well to oily steel sheets, aluminum, and zinc-coated surfaces. The material is flexible and little dependent of temperature changes. Used extensively in vehicle body shops. Can be painted after heat curing.
  • Ideal for vehicle body shop applications
  • Sag resistant
  • Wash-off resistant
  • Adheres well to oily steel sheets, aluminum, and zinc-coated surfaces
  • Chemically crosslinks at temperatures over +284 °F (+140 °C)
  • Safe corrosion protection, even at boundaries
  • Can be painted

Dokumente und Downloads

Technische Informationen

Farbe Schwarz
Haupteigenschaften Ablaufen: Standfest, Flexibel, Lösemittelfrei, Viskosität: Hohe Viskosität
Physikalische Form Paste
Technologie Kautschuk