Why Adhesives?

Attention sign manufacturers, your sign assembly just got better! Our extensive product portfolio of 18 adhesives is the ultimate solution for your sign application needs. From construction to installation, we have the right product for every application.

Adhesives and sealants have several beneficial uses in the sign industry. Use adhesives to:

  • Join Dissimilar Substrates
  • Distribute Stresses Evenly
  • Fill Large Gaps
  • Seal and Bond
  • Reduce Labor Costs (welding vs. general labor)
  • Prevent Galvanic Corrosion
  • Absorb Energy
  • Eliminate Drilling/Tapping, Weld Read-Through and Mechanical Fasteners
  • Maintain long-term sealing performance
  • Look Better (Aesthetics)

Adhesives vs. Tapes: What’s the Difference?

Liquid adhesives are superior to tapes for many reasons. Here are a few:

  • Repositionability – Tapes are difficult to reposition, which can lead to scrapping material. Liquid adhesives are easy to reposition, reducing waste.
  • Fast Assembly – Liquid adhesives can be applied much faster than tapes, saving time in assembly operations.
  • High Green Strength – As they cure, liquid adhesives become stronger than tapes.
  • Preventing Creep – Liquid adhesives prevent bond lines from separating over time, regardless of how much weight is applied.

Why Henkel?

New Technologies

We have new and improved technologies that are well suited for the sign industry:

Universal bonders and TEROSON® MS 5555 NA low cost SMP are both new to the sign industry. We feature two universal bonders and five different SMP products. These products aren’t used by our competitors. At Henkel, we are always thinking forward. We target specific applications where we can succeed and excel.

Outstanding Customer Service

LOCTITE® has excellent technical customer support teams. Our engineers will support your sign manufacture and installation through our extensive testing and development laboratories. We are here for you, through every step of your sign manufacturing, to make the process easier through both our products and our people.

Our Products

Videos & Resources

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In the Lab with LOCTITE® - Structural Tapes Versus Elastomeric Adhesives: Overview

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Brochure: Adhesives and Sealants for the Sign Industry

Attention sign manufacturers, your sign assembly just got better! LOCTITE® HY 4070TM Universal Structural Bonder is the ultimate solution for your sign application needs, including letter attachment, sign box and frame construction, acrylic bonding, and vertical mounting.

LOCTITE® HY 4070TM Universal Structural Bonder Provides:

  • Fast fixture, high strength of an instant adhesive / toughness of an epoxy / acrylic structural adhesive 
  • Multi-substrate performance 
  • Excellent gap-filling ability 
  • High humidity resistance 
  • Health and Safety Features: environmentally responsible; nonflammable; low odor 
  • Fast turn-around 
  • Good on very thin metals and plastics 
  • Low bloom/frost
  • Excellent weather resistance 
  • Convenient package size


Request a LOCTITE 4070 Sample

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