Today’s consumers expect their electronics products to be reliable, robust and responsive. Whether it’s smart household appliances or smart handheld devices, demanding users want exceptional performance and value. This consumer electronics market reality is precisely why manufacturing specialists turn to Henkel for their advanced materials requirements.

Our broad range of exceptionally formulated encapsulants, adhesives, solder pastes, inks, coatings, underfills and thermal management solutions ensure the quality and reliability of the products we depend on day in and day out. For manufacturers of these life-enhancing electronics, Henkel’s product range delivers optimized processability, long-term stability, convenient storage and lower overall cost of use.

Henkel Materials Ensure Reliability for Multiple Devices and Applications

Henkel's line of solder paste and conductive adhesives are fit for purpose, having been custom-designed to interconnect a variety of components and circuitry. Protection of modern miniaturized devices is aided by Henkel's world-renowned underfill line, known for improving the mechanical stability and reliability of CSP, BGA, LGA and WLSP components used in today's handheld electronics.

And, as the electronics content of consumer products has dramatically increased with functionality expectations, effective thermal management is more critical than ever. With thermal control materials in a variety of formats for multiple applications, Henkel delivers heat management systems that ensure reliability and instill performance confidence.

Smartphones and Tablets

Modern smartphones require an extensive assortment of electrical adhesive materials. Henkel's adhesives cover an array of applications including:

  • PCB assembly materials improve handheld device reliability.
  • Structural bonding or cover glass, back cover, camera and speaker ensures durability and longevity.
  • Waterproofing solutions provide protection from moisture ingress

For more information on Henkel Electrical Adhesives for Smartphones & Tablets, click here.


The robust functionality, reliability and user-friendly interfaces of today's wearable devices are enabled by advanced Henkel materials from the board-level to the device enclosure for:

  • Watches
  • Fitness bands
  • Textiles
  • Jewelry

For more information on Henkel Electrical Adhesives for Wearables, click here.

Components and Accessories

Henkel materials enable many supporting products for mobile devices, including:

  • Components: dynamic components, micro-motors and batteries
  • Accessories: earphones, cables and connectors, wireless charging devices and power adapters


We enable innovative design for touch panels and displays through:

  • Close customer partnership
  • Industry know-how
  • Engineering support

For more information on Henkel Electrical Adhesives for Displays, click here.

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