Underfill Solutions for Industrial Applications

Over the last years there was already an increased interest for underfill materials noticeable in the industrial markets due to the switch from Pb-containing to Pb-free solders. The relative brittleness of the Pb-free solder isn’t coping with the high mechanical forces (vibrations and shocks), humidity requirements and CTE mismatches induced by the harsh temperatures, resulting in solder fatigue. Besides this, applications coming from other markets are finding their way to the industrial areas like for instance the “infotainment” applications and surround view cameras in cars. These aren’t used to the harsher requirements resulting in unexpected failures. Using capillary underfill will help you to deal with the CTE mismatches, humidity and other contaminants to prevent these failures. This webinar will focus on the industrial market trends and requirements and how they relate to our product portfolio and research areas.

Author: Stieven Josso