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Known as TEROSON Cavity Spray

Features and Benefits


Body Repair – Corrosion protection: cavity wax and anti-corrosive agent in a spray can, excellent creeping qualities, high temperature resistance.

TEROSON® WX 215 is a cavity spray wax and an anti-corrosion agent with excellent creeping qualities. It is ideal for treating small isolated areas and can be used on coatings based on PVC, PVC wax, bitumen/rubber and rubber/resin. The product is OEM specified. It is characterized by high temperature resistance. The extension spray tube provided with the can provides added reach into cavities, e.g. in doors and the motor compartment.
  • Ideal for corrosion protection in cavities after repair
  • Excellent creeping qualities
  • High temperature resistance
  • Easy to handle spray can
  • Can be used on coatings based on PVC, PVC wax, bitumen/rubber and rubber/resin
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Documents and Downloads

Technical Information

Colour Beige
Technology Wax