The Most Versatile Adhesive in Your Toolbox

When a repair needs to be done in your plant, every second your team spends searching for the right adhesive for the job or waiting for adhesives to set is another second of dreaded downtime. HY 4070 is the adhesive that solves many of the problems of traditional repair adhesives, like 5-minute epoxies. HY 4070 bonds to almost any material, including plastics. And bonds them faster than 5-minute epoxies, even in cold temperatures. It has high gap-filling capability and builds high performance strength fast. With good thermal and environmental durability, it’s the most versatile repair bonder on the market.

LOCTITE HY 4070 is the only adhesive you’ll ever need. It makes anything you do, from maintenance to repair, more efficient, cost effective and reliable. 

The Problems with Five-Minute Epoxies

  • Limited range of materials they can repair
  • Perform poorly on plastics
  • Slow fixture time
  • Take longer to build full strength
  • Take longer to cure in cold temperatures
  • Can’t cure through gap quickly


  • Bond almost any material
  • Fixture and cure fast
  • Create strong, durable bonds

LOCTITE HY 4070 Universal Bonder can help you minimize inventory, reduce downtime and keep your plant up-and-running. 

We’ll review your maintenance and repair methods and processes and recommend solutions that speed up repairs and reduce downtime.

See How HY 4070 Peforms Against Other Adhesives

Watch these demos to see the material versatility, speed and strength of LOCTITE HY 4070 in action.

LOCTITE HY 4070 vs. Epoxies

LOCTITE HY 4070 vs. Polyurethane

LOCTITE Universal Bonders Resources

Learn more about how LOCTITE can help you meet today's maintenance challenges.

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