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Features and Benefits

Off-white to light yellow 2-part hybrid adhesive with a high viscosity/non-drip for use in structural bonding. High humidity and vibration resistance.
LOCTITE® HY 4090 has a high viscosity and is a off-white to light yellow gel. It opens completely new application areas in structural bonding – for the very first time combining instant adhesive properties with those for epoxies to give more striking benefits. Fixture time of 90 - 180 secs and suitable for gaps up to 5 mm. Resistant to vibration, shock loads and impacts. Best application results are achieved with LOCTITE® 50 ml Adhesive Mixing Nozzle (IDH 1826921), LOCTITE® 400 ml Adhesive Mixing Nozzle (IDH 1573135), LOCTITE® 96001 (IDH 267452) or LOCTITE® 983439 (IDH 218311).
  • High moisture resistance
  • Vibration, shock loads and impact resistance
  • Temperature resistance up to 150 °C
  • Gap filling up to 5mm
  • UV resistant allowing outdoor applications
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Technical Information

Application Method Dispense Gun
Applications Bonding Plastic, Bonding Rubber, Construction, Direct Bonding, Edge Bonding, Exterior Repairs, Interior Repairs, Structural Bonding
Color White: Off White, Yellow: Light Yellow
Cure Type Room Temperature (Ambient) Cure, Two Component Mix
Fixture Time 180 sec.
Fixture Time Temperature 180 °C
Full Cure Time 168 hr.
Gap Fill 0.197 in.
Key Characteristics Viscosity: High Viscosity
Mix Ratio 1:1 (by weight)
Number of Components 2 Part
Physical Form Gel
Shear Strength Unit, Aluminum psi
Shear Strength Unit, Etched Aluminum psi
Shear Strength Unit, Grit Blasted Steel psi
Shear Strength, Aluminum 1100
Shear Strength, Etched Aluminum 1900
Shear Strength, Grit Blasted Steel 2420
Substrates Composite, Composite: Advanced Composites, Dry Surface, Elastomer: Highly Filled Elastomer, Epoxy, Fiberboard, Gel Coat, Laminate, Metal, Non-Gel Coat, Painted Surface, Phenolic, Plastic, Rubber, Thermoplastic, Thermoset, Urethane: Cast Urethane, Vinyl, Wood
Temperature 222 - 302 °C
Viscosity 8000 mPa.s (cP) Brookfield
Viscosity Temperature 25 °C