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Known as LOCTITE 319

Features and Benefits

LOCTITE 319 – Direct glazing, glass-metal bonder.
LOCTITE® AA 319 is a 1-component acrylic-based adhesive that offers structural bonding solutions for materials such as glass, metal, ceramics and plastics. Typical applications include bonding of rear-view mirrors onto glass. Compensates for different thermal expansion of parts. To ensure a fast and reliable cure, activator mesh should be used.
  • Compensates different thermal expansion of parts
  • Cures when confined between close-fitting parts with the aid of activating mesh (activator)
  • Application pack for vehicle repair market: LOCTITE AA 319 + activator mesh

Technical Data

  • Product base: modified acrylic ester + activator mesh
  • Fixture time: 1 min.
  • Service temperature range: up to +120°C
  • Shear strength (GBMS): 10 N/mm²
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Documents and Downloads

Technical Information

Chemical Basis / Base Modifikovaný akrylátový ester
Fixture Time 1 min.
Fixture Time Temperature 1 °C
Shear Strength 10 N/mm²