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Known as ALODINE 400

Features and Benefits

Liquid product that offers chrome-free conversion for light metals, or post-passivation for phosphate layers. GSB and Qualicoat approved
BONDERITE® M-NT 400 is a liquid product for a chrome-free conversion treatment of light metals as well as post-passivation for phosphate layers. In aqueous solutions, colorless conversion layers are produced on light metals in immersion and spray application. Both treatments provide excellent corrosion resistance, as well as very good adhesion properties for subsequent painting. Please note: BONDERITE M products are used in the surface modification of metals and usually applied in a multi-stage process. The performance of these surface treatments depends on various factors such as the preceding cleaning or etching steps (BONDERITE C portfolio), line design or process parameters.
  • Chrome-free conversion treatment for light metals
  • Also used for post-passivation for phosphate layers
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Good adhesion properties for subsequent painting
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