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Features and Benefits

Green alternative to conventional iron phosphate used on steel, zinc and aluminum surfaces.
BONDERITE® M-NT 1 is a is zirconium-based nanotechnology which provides a green alternative to traditional iron phosphate. It runs at low temperatures and is completely free of phosphate and regulated heavy metals to reduce energy consumption and waste removal. It is formulated for use in the treatment of steel, zinc and aluminum surfaces, helping increase corrosion protection. Please note: BONDERITE M products are used in the surface modification of metals and usually applied in a multi-stage process. The performance of these surface treatments depends on various factors such as the preceding cleaning or etching steps (BONDERITE C portfolio), line design or process parameters.
  • Green alternative to traditional iron phosphate
  • For steel, zinc and aluminum surfaces
  • Runs at low temperatures
  • Increases corrosion protection
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