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Enhancing Stability, Lowering Weight of Roding Roadster Doors

Increased stability and reduced weight with LOCTITE MAX 3 and TEROSON

Success Story Roding Door

Our LOCTITE MAX 3 matrix resin and our adhesives were vital parts in the development of the composite doors for the Roding Roadster that heavily reduce weight while being more robust.


Our Challenge

Assistance in the development of the Roding Roadster, a high-performance sports car that is powerful yet lightweight.

Our Contribution

LOCTITE MAX 3 matrix resins and our adhesives for multi-substrate bonding and composite assembly enabled the production of composite doors that reduce weight by 30 - 40% but enhance safety due to increased stability.

The Benefits

  • 30 - 40% weight reduction compared to traditional materials
  • Increased stability
  • Quick and reliable bonding with TEROSON adhesives
  • Suitable for large scale production

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