\n\nKeep Cool.
With Thermally Conductive TECHNOMELT
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\n\nKeep Cool.

With Thermally Conductive TECHNOMELT

Thermally Conductive by TECHNOMELT

Excellent heat spreading for your electronic products: TECHNOMELT TC 50 is Henkel’s first thermally conductive TECHNOMELT solution. It combines the low pressure and protective benefits of all TECHNOMELT materials with new, thermally conductive functional capabilities. Read more about the benefits and material performance.

Your Benefits
Why is TECHNOMELT so beneficial for your production line? The following aspects depict it clearly:

Reduces process steps and material consumption


Increases throughput




Energy reduction


Heat dissipation


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See the performace of Henkel's first thermally conductive solution based on extensive thermal tesing, its melt viscosity profile and comprehensive technical data.

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Application Areas

The thermally conductive TECHNOMELT TC 50 application markets are:

  • Automotive Electronic Power Systems
  • LED Drivers
  • Solar Inverters
  • Power Supplies
  • Camera Modules

TECHNOMELT protects and insulates your electronics, too. See all our full range of products here:

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