Henkel’s TECHNOMELT low pressure molding solution replaces traditional potting and encapsulating materials with a simple, fast encapsulation process that is ideal for protecting sensitive electronic components. This hotmelt polyamide-based thermoplastic resin delivers exceptional sealing adhesion and excellent temperature and solvent resistance. But the real advantage of TECHNOMELT is its simplicity: The entire TECHNOMELT operation takes place at low pressure with short cycle times, encouraging unique design beyond the typical form, fit and function of traditional encapsulating materials.

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Key Benefits:


  • Sky Lining allows use of less material, precise encapsulation and less weight
  • End-user accepted appearance (removes additional aesthetic process step)


  • Consistent, repeatable production
  • Reduces total cost of ownership (TCOO)
  • Increased throughput
  • Low capital equipment costs and reduced footprint


  • Adhesion to multiple surfaces
  • Complete watertight encapsulation
  • Safer, one-component, UL 94-V0 approved
  • Compliant materials suitable for sensitive electronic components
  • Less handling and shorter process time


  • Zero waste
  • Excess material and scrap are recyclable

Process Overview & Comparisons

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