Solder Materials

Solder Materials

PoP Tack Fluxes
Package-on-Package (PoP) devices have very unique technology requirements. This is true for many materials used to manufacture and assemble PoPs. In response to these challenging demands, Henkel has formulated a series of Tacky Flux systems to address the challenge of PoP production.

PoP Epoxy Fluxes
Hysol FF6000 incorporates a flux component that provides the action necessary for solder joint formation and an epoxy that encapsulates each solder sphere. These attributes effectively address the issues traditionally associated with underfill application methodologies that simply don’t work for top package assembly.  

PoP Solder Paste
The metal loading and particle size distribution of Henkel’s Multicore LF730 Solder Paste has been optimized for package stacking. Challenges such as co-planarity of the stacked packages are solved through solder paste dipping. The extra metallization not only reduces the possibility of non-co-planar induced solder joints, but it also improves the joint reliability by increasing the component stand-off.

Die Attach Solder Paste
Multicore DA100 and Multicore DA101 offer robust options for application-specific thermal requirements, and overcome many of the issues historically associated with alternative products such as silver (Ag)-based Die Attach Adhesives and solder wire. The robust nature of these flux formulas provides manufacturers with the flexibility to alter alloys based on process requirements.

The Henkel line of Solder Materials includes PoP Tacky Fluxes, PoP Epoxy Fluxes, PoP Solder Pastes and Die Attach Solder Paste. Each of these materials has individual benefits and offers high quality performance that is unmatched.